As an Ex-Shallon Lester Fan…

It’s recently come out that Shallon Lester isn’t a great person, and it can make people wonder why anyone would be a fan of her in the first place. This is my experience; trying to answer that question. It almost feels like the same reason people join MLM’s.
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shallon lester blocked me before i could get the truth out by dangelowallace —
Shallon Lester is pretending she reported me to the police. by dangelowallace —

We need to talk about Shallon Lester by Ready To Glare —

This Youtuber Needs to be Stopped… *Shallon Lester* by Smokey Glow —
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49 thoughts on “As an Ex-Shallon Lester Fan…

  1. Don't worry it's has nothing to do about being smart or not, cult are very smart they make you enter step by step and without realizing you already at the top of the stairs.

  2. Agree with all personal views expressed, aside from the use of the word “crazy” as a substitute adjective for ???, AKA a lack of non-stigmatizing, proper vocabulary (did you mean ‘shocking’? ‘Unacceptable’? ‘Wild’? ‘Incredible’? And there are better words than these, if I knew what you had meant), which I find really disappointing from someone who introduces themselves as a vocal mental health advocate. I lost touch regarding you and your friend laughing at the content creator woman’s video referencing Gandhi and Mother Teresa being considered narcissists and/or psychopaths—regardless of any mental health specialty, which is a piss-poor system of measurement (ask three experts and get five opinions, as anyone in academia could tell you), a lack of knowledge of specific icons’ backgrounds doesn’t reflect on the woman who repeated the accurate fact. It isn’t fact that they were mentally ill, that I am aware, but it is fact that many biographers claim that they were. Many, many narcissists gravitate toward “charity” work to receive the purest of all accolades, and Gandhi in particular had a HORRIFIC few choices in his life that were nearly the sort of thing that might have future generations canceling out all of the good he did. And we also have receipts on Mother Teresa, so I really regret that a large point of your video was “I was so naive and need to look things up before I form common, and wrong, opinions by default,” and then you exemplify your need to do this by referencing how you confirmed your own bias via your lack of awareness. I’d watch more if the “crazy” talk could be curbed.

  3. i agree with almost everything you said about Shallon except that what she was saying about Ghandi. it is a known fact (that he did not try to hide at all) that he was totally racist. remember that we aren't taught everything about historical events or figures. i think mother Theresa might also be seen differently through the lense of this era of …. I'm not religious but this is a time of great revelation. maybe not what the bible talked about but it certainly is. but after all these videos about her, pretty much nothing happened to Shallon and it sounds like she moved her more hardcore content to some other new platform i have never heard of.

  4. There is something to be said for separating the person from a lot of their content. I too have got benefit from people who I didn't actually like, but they still had good advice that I needed at the time. I don't regret the experience as it really helped me, but I guess I am lucky, some people do get sucked into cult-like followers. I think you hit the nail on the head, people fall for charismatic people or groups because they are meeting their emotional needs at the time or a big "pep talk".
    Hmm, you were not brought up as a Jehovah's Witness by any chance? Anyway, that too was a religion that tried to separate you from "the world" and not associate with non-believers and everyone was out to get you. It did make me rather sceptical of people but also I was and still am a bit naive. But yeah eventually I figure out bullshitters and see through it all.
    But yeah I've got sucked into Youtubers and their spiel and it took some time to snap out of it. It's a good lesson and helps remind me to be always a little sceptical no matter what and how easy it is to get sucked in.

  5. I don't understand anti-Shallon videos like this one and D'Angelo Wallace's. Shallon seems okay to me but it is not like I watch her videos with a fine toothed comb. Can you share your receipts about Shallon's racism and predatory behavior toward underage people? Based on what you said here in this video, it sounds like Shallon was helpful to you when you needed a pep talk. Then you outgrew what she had to offer. Without receipts about her racism and predatory behavior, I have to think that Shallon gave you helpful content when you needed it. PS – you are very pretty. I have a feeling you don't know that so I had to mention it. xo.

  6. I unsubscribed months ago and just found out about her being exposed.I knew she was fake when she said korutney kardashian and brad pitt are together…there would have been others to mention that too if it were true,so it was just for the views that she'd drop those bombs.

  7. i just came across your video adter a random video on influencers who became troublesome… tbh I too was like you, i literally vibe with you… yes Shallon's videos were amazing but i too later lost interest!

  8. I've been wondering how Shallon will be able to keep trading on her past as an editor at Star… now that she's in Montana with no ties to the celeb world? She's no longer in any D-list, tabloid mag. way relevant…in Montana. Lol.

  9. Deleting comments I see.. haha. Girl you don’t have to agree with anyone ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time. You take what resonates and leave the rest. It’s called having discernment and trusting your own personal judgment.

  10. Selena Gomez is a well-known drug addict in Hollywood. She does an excellent job at hiding it somehow. Those that follow blind gossip websites have known for many years now. It is not speculation. It's an open secret within Hollywood circles that is barely known amongst the general public for whatever reason.
    Most of what Shallon says in terms of celebrity rumours are true (again blind gossip sites).

    Just wanted to state this because I have seen videos "dragging" her, trying to discredit her claims, e.g the Selena one.

    Btw, why do you assume that she is wrong about Ghandhi and Mother Teresa?? Why isn't it possible that she is right? Because they were loved by the general public and had the immense praise of the populace?? Just wondering why you are so sure what she said about both public figures is "ridiculous".

  11. She is a narrcissist and now is slanderizing people right and left, I am surprised she is not sued by these celebrities she thinks she knows so much about.

  12. Yes! I can totally relate to why you came to like her and for for those pep talks. I found myself liking her when I was going thru a divorce. I live in small town America where your private business…is not so private. So I drowned myself in YouTube and found her channel. She made me feel empowered and like she was the kinda gf I needed but didn't have. My gfs are all traditional soccer moms with rich husbands. I have no kids. I have to work and want a career. So I felt very alien and alone. So it was so nice to hear that I was okay and it was going to be ok. As I started getting back to the person I was before I got divorced, I got into grad school, and just feeling better about me. I started being grossed out by her approach. The fog cleared. And I was like okay…I am better than this. I unsubbed after her evil week vids. I also started to see she is not a girl's girl, but actually very anti girl. Her comments on Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez was it for me. It just occurred to me while watching her one day…I was once the kind of girl that Shallon would say these exact types of things about. (I also have a health issue right now). And I knew how it felt having other women look down on me during a time of adversity in my wth was I doing listening to this!?!? Thank you for sharing!!! I appreciate it. ❤

  13. I hate to sound mean but your whole video actually makes you look naive. You make accusations about her but provide no “receipts”. And it seems rather ungrateful on your part that you want to discredit her after she clearly helped you. And your comparison of her to MLM or a cult leaders has no basis. She isn’t selling you anything and she most definitely is not telling her viewers to give up their lives and follow her. You are just sensitive and you have to realize most people aren’t as naive as you to take everything someone says at face value. She makes it clear she isn’t a psychologist or psychiatrist. Her message is just her opinions! This is not to sound mean again, but seriously re-watch your video. But hey, if you believe what your video has value, good for you.

  14. That lady was just wrong and her whole entire life was a psychological warfare of lies and wrongness. She has serious issues.

    In my personal opinion she should be blocked and/or banned from YouTube/Twitter. Her sexist, racist and other discriminating comments are wrong on so many levels and she's done stuff like this repeatedly !!!

  15. I haven't gotten to 1 minute and I personally agree so far. I liked her and wished I had more confidence and wondered how to be a little colder as Im ultra soft. Months before the blow up and not too far after discovering her, I realized I didn't like her approach but did like what I was getting from it by watching for people like her. I don't wish ill upon anyone but I do believe this is karma and Im glad she was called out.

  16. So….two adults dating…yuck!!! Girl, you need a therapist and probably parents who clearly did NOT raise you. Poor thing.

  17. Omg same!! I have been following her since 2018! And would watch every video of her 😭 and I would take ALL of her advice! Ugh regreto

  18. It’s on YOU if you believe everything you hear. I’m sorry you were struggling but at the end of the day you chose to follow her? You can’t pick and choose the good and bad from Shallon and then blame her for your life?

  19. Something I find shocking is how many dislikes any video calling her out gets. It really is crazy to me to think such a large amount of ppl disagree or don’t believe what the creator is saying and I know the numbers aren’t usually astronomical but the like to dislike ratio is usually enough to have me like “😳🤨🙄”

  20. Oh, come on… So many "ex fans" eversince it's a trade people hating her… And everyone is repeating same thing over and over again… Guys, you are like sheep…

  21. Omg. I know what you mean by the “cult” feeling. I grew up in a religions highschool and church. They were like combined. It was so bad for my young mind developing. I had so many problems after since I hardly ever interacted with anyone who wasn’t religious till I was 18. I am mostly normal now but it took a few years. Especially with the toxic shame I had with my sexuality. I never knew I was gay till after I left and still struggle a little even tho I know it’s not wrong :/

  22. Looks like you have learnt to be more critical. There is the new religion of the creator/influencer. Shallon said as much – when she 'lost' her real job. Now she needs a base for $$$. Although I don't like her parasitic nature, at least she can live in a bubble and not harm the lives of her co-workers.
    Problem is we can shut down that part of your brain that is critical. The real lesson is turn it down, but NEVER off!

  23. Such bs omg so annoying!!! You seem to have kind've a malleable mind and are just jumping on the new bandwagon

  24. You put my feelings into words! I am recovering from emotional abuse in my last romantic relationship, and Shallon has a lot of positive tips on avoiding abusive relationships. I hope she realizes she doesn't have to communicate the way she does to be understood!

  25. I wish people would stop making videos about other people. Like you literally rehearsed what you were going to say then filmed and edited the video. What a waste of time. Find some hobbies people.

  26. The amazing part about YouTube and the country we live in, is that you don’t have to watch her videos anymore! I feel like this is leading to online bullying and if you don’t like her content click off.

  27. THANKU sooo much for the video and please keep it classy and kind to a lady that is above u in years and should receive ur respect and not have her lively hood distributed. She is v snarky/mean thats her personal style, that's all. THANKU x

  28. I feel the same. I liked a few of her old videos last year but she def upped the ante in regards to vile stuff. I disagreed w many of her opinions of topics and switched her off months ago. I’m glad she’s been questioned.

  29. IMO Shallon is dealing with her own mental illness issues or triggers herself. I read her father committed suicide when she was younger. I don’t know if there is truth to that but if so, at the very least she’s a victim of mental illness. It could explain her hostility to mental illness and issues of being stuck at age of trauma. Maybe? I agree she needs to stop but I feel like she needs help as well. I hope she holds up through this and it ends up helping her to get help.

  30. Had a chuckle at "you're a writer." I'm a writer and the shit we have to look up can sometimes look so dodgy.
    That clip with her and the band made my skin crawl.

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