BLINKs Wanted Jisoo To Play This Webtoon Character… Until They Saw The Author

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has been fan-casted to play the role.

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36 thoughts on “BLINKs Wanted Jisoo To Play This Webtoon Character… Until They Saw The Author

  1. BLACKPINK Jisoo and Cha Eun Woo are the top picks for a new webtoon-based series called 'True Beauty!'

  2. this webtoon is a hella amazing but i think they should give jisoo this role as it will boost her career and it was the authors wish too both of them are really pretty and suitable for the role…

  3. I wouldn’t just cast the creator just because they’re the creator and they look like the main character. Pick someone who’s a talented actress that also fits the description. That’s why I vote Jisoo!

  4. Omg my cousin made that webtoon and I helped draw some pics! Ahh I'm so happy for her, I finished the whole series already

  5. Honestly, I think jisoo should take the role instead of the creator
    I don’t know if the creator of true beauty is good at acting but, that’s the real-reasonable question for the creator of true beauty

  6. bro… people want all these idols or models to be the protagonist… but what they don't realize is if their acting is complete and utter sh*t it'll ruin the drama… so lets stick to casting ACTORS AND ACTRESSES for DRAMA ROLES please… like I know some idols do acting but not all of them do

  7. imagine if jisoo became the female lead ….
    – she will be more popular
    – it will give her a chance to be the visual
    – yg will treat jisoo fairly ( maybe )
    – jisoo will have many promotions
    – all the blessings and good things will happend to her

  8. Jisoo should be chose to play in this role. Her character suits this role.
    She is beautiful and have a perfect body

  9. Jisoo is too stunning without makeup, they would have to put in a lot of effort to make her look unattractive like drawing on zits

  10. I prefer "Lee Jong Suk" and
    "Irene" (from Red Velvet) to play the role but I agree to some people who wants Cha Eun Woo and Jisoo to be the main role/lead role it's actually suitable for them.

    Edit: It's just for me guys don't hate me😅

  11. Idk why, but i feel that if jisoo and ssoyoung had a baby, the baby will look exactly like this Webtoon character.
    Ssoyoung is an asmrist and an actress, search her on youtube

  12. It will be okay too if Park Min Young will play as Jugyeong because she looked like Jugyeong

  13. The author is perfect for the role my reasons are:
    -she looks like Jugyeon
    -she would understand the character the most since she wrote the story
    -she would play the role with ease
    -AND she can act! She was a trainee once as an actor

  14. id believe the author purposely made the main character almost as same as the author because commonly artists would make a main character halfly or mostly taken from artist's self personality

  15. Lol just red the content and it doesn't fit Jisoo's personality. You can't make a goddess ugly because fans will use it for bashing. Jisoo got the visuals and exactly the same with Jugyeong. But.. y know try reading the story and think if Jisoo is suitable to do it. Maybe that's the reason why YG terminated her as an actress.

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