Blue Zone in Okinawa Japan: Keys to Longevity, Happiness and Living a Healthy Life

Have you ever heard of the blue zones? Blue Zones are areas around the world where there are above average numbers of people who live to be 90+, often living to 100 or more. How do they do that? I visited one of the blue zones in Okinawa, Japan and discovered some of the keys to their longevity and living a happy life. There are no huge secrets – daily exercise, eating healthy food – preferably a plant based diet. If you can’t do that go mainly vegetarian. Community engagement is also a huge factor to living a long life. Find out more in this week’s video!

Hosted by Risa Morimoto

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16 thoughts on “Blue Zone in Okinawa Japan: Keys to Longevity, Happiness and Living a Healthy Life

  1. Have you heard of the blue zones? Do you have other tips for longevity? Please share below! Thanks so much for watching 🙂

  2. Very interesting video Risa. Everything makes sense. I did this short documentary about the Longevity in Okinawa (I record content for a longer version and interviewed every elderly Okinawan in the video) here is the link: and here are the pictures:

  3. They don't normally mention the Okinawans eat lots of pork and they live far enough away that most people don't know any better. I believe the reason why Buettner gets it wrong is not because of a deliberate attempt to deceive, but more likely its another example of what happens when we look at the world through the current medical dietary dogma. After all, if you believe that meat and animal fats are bad for you, then by default you wouldn’t list them as contributors to longevity. Which is a shame because people might continue to be misinformed

  4. Food is the most powerful medicine!

    Moving from the Japanese ideal of being thin equals beautiful to healthies’ beautiful.

    I think considering that everyone is a very different beauty, in terms of weight, in terms of size, look. I’ve noticed that Japanese women are getting skinny thinner and thinner. There’s also so much information about different diets, and overwhelming and confusing… Its good aware of a good diet is to inspire women to make changes to their diet and also their lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep based on hormone, health, longevity, beauty as well as skin in the future.

  5. Love the video. 
    When you say vegetarian do you include eggs or dairy or no animal products at all like vegan?

  6. I like your enthusiasm towards living full and healthy. One more thing you forgot to mention. Oh I just forgot, oh well I need to walk a mile to remember what I want to say to you.😊

  7. I so agree with the observation that turning 60 really changes the body and that we feel our mortality, and that it INVIGORATES us! Well put! I've been vegetarian a long, long time – but never ever want to be vegan, lol. It's easy for me to get moving in the morning, but WAY harder in the early evening – so that's something I need to work on. I've also just started a local group where we get together a couple of times a month, so the loner in me is forcing myself into occasional social groups! Thanks for this video!

  8. Thanks for reminding me of the basics (that I keep ignoring 😕) and for giving concrete tips. Well done.

  9. I love everything about this episode, Risa! Valuable lessons for a longer, healthier life! We are currently back on a Whole 30 diet, a challenge that is worth the effort. Better sleep, more energy and a lighter sense of being! Thanks for the reminders and tips! Here’s to a longer, healthier life for all of us!

  10. My friend is vegetarian and at 42 she looks 22, and more importantly she feels 22. Her outlook is so positive, and she cheers me up. I think another thing about diet, especially as we age, is to cut out sugar, and all kinds of it. Minimize fruit even, and instead move toward vegetables with bean dips. Mash up some white fava, add a little olive oil and salt–get the carrots and celery going, the bell peppers, or better yet rhubarb stalks (don't be afraid of the tartness, and remember not to eat the leaves, as they are poisonous). Definitely avoid ALL cane juice products. Drink a ton of water, and if you want to flavor it, go with lemon. The reminder to do "desk exercise" is great too, especially squats, holding on to the edge of the desk. Awesome.

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