Bridge's Story – Bamboo Animation – Full HD

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On a beautiful spring day in the forest, a rabbit, some cute birds, a turtle, a grasshopper, and a family of beavers get into some mischievous fun. When Rabbit tries to sabotage the log bridge that Turtle is constructing over the stream, his plan backfires and Rabbit trips and falls into the water and starts drowning. But the kind Turtle rescues Rabbit, carries him on his shell, and brings him safely to shore. When Rabbit starts shivering from being wet and cold, the friendly birds bring him a blanket. Meanwhile, Turtle goes back to work building his log bridge, and this time, instead of being mean, Rabbit happily helps his new turtle friend by setting the final rock in place. Rabbit even shows off by jumping up and down on the log bridge to prove its strength and endurance. Rabbit and Turtle then proudly show off their new bridge accomplishment by inviting all of the other woodland creatures to cross over the stream by using the bridge, starting with the family of eager beavers. The grasshopper soon follows the beavers over the bridge and the cute birds fly over. Everyone happily cheers and shouts – the teamwork has finally paid off!

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