Covid-19 numbers as at April 25, 2020

Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah announces the latest statistics on the Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia.

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41 thoughts on “Covid-19 numbers as at April 25, 2020

  1. Most people at home home are suffering but at least they have money to order things
    Imagine not having a home or money . Supreme Court says you have no right to welfare, nevermind real welfare that covers the rent.
    So watch the punishment now and hope for God's mercy . Merchants can't wait to get back to work to keep jacking up prices into oblivion (supermarkets and landlords are the worst)
    And all that gasoline- just can't wait.

  2. Masks, masks, masks. Make your own . The virus cannot escape from a mask they say . Disinfectant. And space .
    Without these measures the numbers would be a lot worse.

  3. Two straight days of really low numbers . God willing, the sharp downward trend will continue. Thousands of new results are coming in after ramping up testing. Should be interesting.

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  5. Knp msih dgil lgi xd mw ddk rmh klau xd ddk rmh bilangan tmbhan kes kematian akn brtmbah jdi kta rakyat malaysia ikut lh printah pkp klau ngara kta slmat dri covid-19 kta smua jga gmbira ikutlh printah kawalan pergerakan ksian dkat barisan hadapn yg mlalui cbaran ini kta snng sja ddk rmh ada bntuan krajaan bgi takkn tu pn tak nk ddk rmh jdi sma2 lh kta lwn virus ni

    #ddk rmh sja
    #tewas covid-19
    #santai sja di rmh
    #ddk diam2 jgn marayau

  6. Hopefully, at the third phase of MCO the cases will be lower and gone forever so that we'll not go through fourth phase.

  7. I keep getting the feeling that the numbers may be suppressed to stop chaos among the public , but I cant say for sure.

  8. Just duduk rumah diam-diam la. it would all be political if we always thought that way. gov right now doing very good job to save our life.bersangka baik lah ye or at least be a good malaysian. just at this moment we must listen well to our gov thats all whats so hard about that. they just don't want yourself and your family and relative to get the covid that's all if korang masih DEGIL kehulu kehilir just because you saying gov just want to make me stay at home because this is about their politics bla bla bla those looser mindset! berubahlah ..bukan negara kita sahaja yang kena lockdown/mco ini isu need to feel discriminate about this. take care malaysian!

  9. mcm mana dgn pesakit yg dh sembuh tpi blh kena lgi covid sbb blh kena dua kali berdasarkan brapa kuat imunity ko??risau lah

  10. Using cost benefit anakysis, would not it be better for the gov to spend extra money to increase significantly the number of test? the extra cost of testing is lower than the loses to the economy, which has amounted to billions. the quicker we determine the actual extend of infection in the country, the quicker we can restart the economy.

  11. if we continue with the number of test carried out by KKM we will continue to see new cases of 50 daily. this will go on for months, while we wait and impose self inflicting destructions to the domestic economy.

  12. Alhamdulillah 99 discharge
    Angka yg cantik..99 Asma Allah..
    Semoga Allah angkat Virus Covid-19. Ni..di bulan penuh rahmat Ramadhan Ameen🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. Open now! The real virus here is greed. The politicians just want more time to get their guys into positions!

  14. harap2 rakyat tu janganla terpengaruh apa yang jadi kat us tu. Terutama yang islam ni during ramadhan pulak tu. Ikut pemerintah kita, jangan buat dosa sia2.

  15. Perjuangan belum tamat.
    Tp kita hampir ke garisan penamat.
    Asalkn kita sentiasa berpakat.
    InsyaAllah covid19 Allah akan angkat.

  16. bila benda bodoh ni nak habis! setiap hari terkurung kat dlm rumah 24jam xleh kluar p mn2 tempat! setiap road ado polis sekjat jln mmmg menyusahkan! krjan plk bincang2 benda ni jee! kata date covid19 dah expired ttp bila sampai k last date diorang p panjangkan lagi date tuu!!!!!!!!!! menyusahkan! menyusahkan! menyusahkan!

  17. Silap2 besok naik balik kes baru tuan2 sekalian. Sebab apa? Sebab terlalu rasa selesa. Bulan puasa ni cuba la jangan buat orang mencarut. Bila kita guna ayat yang positif dan beri kata2 semangat,makin naik minyak pulak puak2 bebal ni. Yang diorang tau,"bila la PKP ni nak habis?". Orang camni selalunya ada saja alasan. Siap bawak anak kecik jalan2 naik motor tuan2. Bak kata orang Itali "Ini semua pantek". Sekian

  18. Stfu. Lift the green zone. Why did u take so long to lockup selayang n masjid india. What abt the tablit clusters. U r no hero by just reporting la. Why r u not stopping the new illegal boat arrivals. R u going to b responsible for a new cluster? What abt those out of jobs and those taking forced unpaid leave n pay cut

  19. Please look into the foreign workers….they are everywhere from tesco to petrol station….must get them screened….we cannot afford the mistake Singapore made..

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