COVID-19: Singapore's new restrictions at selected wet markets kick in

Singapore’s new restrictions have taken effect at four popular wet markets. Entry is being regulated based on identification numbers. The move is part of an extension of the COVID-19 circuit breaker until Jun 1.

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41 thoughts on “COVID-19: Singapore's new restrictions at selected wet markets kick in

  1. Did u guys impose only one person can go out to buy food? U can used order online via whatsapp app, so they can only come and carry, less queue and people.

  2. see government always same pattern, i work with civil servants i know, they always cock up then empty one hole to fill another hole, end up still have hole but different hole.

  3. Queuing up is a norm in Singapore, except that this time you have to do it with two meters physical distancing.

  4. Question: How effective is extended version of Circuit Breaker

    Yes, govt did awake after 1st breaker (for me this is only term as Power Surge).
    Like many commented…Outdoor activities allow…Define essential service…fw control..
    Govt did fail to contain during the first outbreak…. due to advise of experts.
    Now doing remedy…Without a proper preplanning and hope by chance the number drop..Cross finger….Engage real expert to treat this as Airborne Virus..Then the ball game will improve…

  5. Lets compare the number of news report made on Geylang Serai Market compared to the other "popular" markets in Singapore.

  6. MRT can't practice SD properly, people touching all sorts of surfaces and exchanging money. The virus is just looking for people to infect. STAY HOME !!!

  7. Giving the migrant workers mask is not enough. Give them a can of beer per day. Not for enjoyment. But to take it like medication. Sipping beer every three hrs. Or cider vinegar and lots of vitamin C.

  8. I mean good that they’re trying to tighten measures but, wouldn’t it have been more practical if it was divided by people living in the same area?

  9. I think the government should provide food for the foreign workers, so they can be healthy and spreading it will not be so serious, i feel bad for the foreign workers

  10. Please open all ABC Value Store outlets cos there are many essential goods sold there …. please I am begging our Minister to open it.

  11. Please close manufacturing offices,they are still running.only allow to open essential reduce covid 19.manufacturing company is not a essential one la

  12. Do Your best and don't risk your bet ,
    but You prefer going step by step ,
    Need Good result but still a big gap ,
    Don't wanna wait till i've collapse …

  13. All this retriction on singaporean making life harder while those responsible of the surge of the infection those FOREIGN WORKERS are enjoying their holiday relaxing at their dom with food and meals are send at their doorstep 3 times a day. FOR FREE!!!

  14. i m a regular customer at ck department .can i know why ck department is closed .body wash n facial washes comes under the essential category m i correct to say so .

  15. Singapore act so much when WHO recognised them for how they handle the virus , now no face ready so try and act clever implement lame measures , typical Singapore

  16. Until now, government is still don't know where to tackle this virus, their brains are dead, they saw only the surface and know only following the ways the western countries are
    doing, and finally made this pandemic become so serious in Singapore.

    From the very beginning, asking people not to wear mask if they are not infected by corona virus is so stupid, secondly, when the virus outbreak in one place, what they know is only
    isolate the place and conduct social/contact tracing, but the most important
    thing has neglected, this is HOW THE PERSON WHO BROUGHT THE VIRUS TO THE PLACE INFECTED BY THE VIRUS and do something there to stop the transmission of the
    virus in future, to what I see, most of the people infected the virus in the
    public transport and become a virus carrier then brought the virus to somewhere
    and caused the virus outbreak there, to stop this is simple, wear mask and ban
    people from talking in the public transport rather than any other measures such
    as social distancing, the most important thing is neglected by all these world
    salary record holding ministers even until now, people still talk freely in public
    transport although with mask on their face, stupid government is killing the
    nation, not the virus.

  17. Just beginning ,soon all area will doing so. If, there not improvement, a lot of wet market , hawker centre and shopping centre will be closed ! It may go street or ave area to area by day open.

  18. If the intention is crowd control, just set up a digital counter to add/minus pple entering and exit will do. Y insist on last digit NRIC??? Another dumb measure to inconvenient pple and making pple busy for nothing ?

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