Dance Moms: Asia's Solo – "Too Hot to Handle" (Season 3) | Lifetime

Watch Asia’s jazz solo, “Too Hot to Handle,” from Season 3, Episode 23, “Two Girls, One Solo”.
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43 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Asia's Solo – "Too Hot to Handle" (Season 3) | Lifetime

  1. Fell into this looking for the mom doing the Hot Dog dance for her baby. Why is this child doing a risque routine?

  2. I think asia moms will say, wowwww asiaaa you so good at dancing
    Me: ye asia is goood but whyyy she is so sasyy Queenn and look like so mean to her friends

  3. I think mackenzies dance is better then Asia because Asia is a little mean to Mackenzie and Mackenzie is a better dancer the judges did the wrongs dissension

  4. I've watched so many dance moms videos.. These girls really have so much talent.. But every single video I've watched gives me stripper vibes.. Honestly these girls are a bit to young to be wearing fishnets and splitting.. I don't know maybe it's just me but they all so pretty and have so much talent.. But yet they wanna wonder why Jojo had a stalker.. No offense tho girls

  5. I can't believe Abby complained about her Lip Synching it looked really good with the sassy mood for the dance, especially the facial expressions she made when singing everything, it was all perfect.

  6. Who else is here because they didn’t show the full version in the Mackenzie vs Asia battle?

  7. 0:24 did it just say "every time I'm dancing up in the club everyone wants to come get with me"? Umm…she's like 6, right?!?! No hate on Asia, shes an amazing dancer.

  8. Stuff like this is how pedophilia is going to end up being accepted in society someday. Really upset to see children being encouraged to do this stuff so young.

  9. At some point I think Abby and the stress even made the dances worse. (No hate against her). I have seen a lot of dance, which look a little bit boring because you don't get really attached. The dancers often have this painful looks, which at some point weirds me out, because you don't really believe them. At this time instead letting them be kids and sing a long and having fun like Asia here would have given them a better performance. But this is just my opinion.

  10. Am i the only one who doesn't like her or her mom or their show i love dance moms but they have their own show i do not watch but she keeps putting negativity on the other girls trying to be a no it all so what if she did Broadway other girls do to but they do way more then her faces while dancing is hard sometimes because they are trying to do their best for abby but they are trying to keep their emotions down sometimes fear of not beating Asia i think thats her name like the other girls might have a competition with each other but at least they don't have no it all personalities they might have break downs a lot i do too every time i practice for a game or audition i stutter sometimes or have panic attacks for forgetting if i was in the right spot while playing volleyball im just saying please don't get mad at me😭😭😭😭

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