I Resort NHA TRANG | MUD BATH Spa & Mineral WATERPARK 2019!

Day 43- We take a mud bath at the I resort in Nha Trang Vietnam! There was also a mineral waterpark inside too. It was a great day and really interesting experience because I have never been to a Spa like this before. It was like a huge Spa amusement park there was so many facets to the park that we had to be carted around and din’t even get to explore everything. There was also a himalayan salt sauna that we got to detoxify in as well. Overall it was a great day exploring the I Resort Spa and Massage it exceeded expectations and also was pretty affordable as well for everything they offered us.


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6 thoughts on “I Resort NHA TRANG | MUD BATH Spa & Mineral WATERPARK 2019!

  1. I remember going there about 3 years ago. The view was breath taking, can’t wait to go again this summer!!

  2. I dig your music choices.. got no idea who it is. Maybe add to credit.

    You should also add some ‘slo mo’ & other camera tricks into your vids.


  3. Wow- that cute little kid totally photobombed you!

    You know… going black face is totally uncool right now in America.

    But once again another excellent video

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