Maria Shriver Reveals Secrets Of ‘Blue Zones’ Where People Live To 100 | TODAY

NBC News special anchor Maria Shriver visits Kathie Lee and Hoda to talk about her “Eating to 100 TODAY” series, in which she visits “blue zones” with the highest percentages of people living healthy lives to age 100. She talks about the diets in blue zones, which are largely vegetarian, and says that blue zone inhabitants also typically have strong spiritual lives.
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Maria Shriver Reveals Secrets Of ‘Blue Zones’ Where People Live To 100 | TODAY


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23 thoughts on “Maria Shriver Reveals Secrets Of ‘Blue Zones’ Where People Live To 100 | TODAY

  1. a lot of people want to live longer but then they don't know what to do without wifi or don't know how to deal with depression or anxiety in healthy ways… smh

  2. Secret is we in west can never afford the home grown organic foods like in east which they dont pay a single penny , pluck and eat …

  3. Health in west is a 6 pack and size 0 , health in east is a holistic approach, their minds are as sharp as their bodies even at 90’s and no one is more content and happy than they are

  4. The traditional Mediterranean diet in its various ethnic variations is very plant foods based. They do eat a bit of proteins eg the occasional egg, sheep or goat milk cheese, bits of prosciutto (Parma ham) or any fish they can get if they are sea people eg Breeks, Sicilians etc. But meat based proteins do not play a major role in their diets. They get protein from other sources eg nuts in some places and dried beans, like broad beans or lentils, chickpeas and similar things, including some unheard of in Anglo type cultures. They also eat various seeds that are rich in nut ients, which Anglo cultures disc as Rd eg pumpkin seeds, known by the Italian term "passa tempo" (time passers), but which are seldom eaten by Italians, mainly Greeks, for a nutritious snack. The seeds are cleaned and the outer shell discarded. Chest nuts are commonly eaten in cold mountainous regions of Italy and used in a variety of ways. They are good toasted, for breakfast with coffee. Or as a snack or used in soups or baked cakes etc. One really does not need much protein to remain healthy. Most Mediterranean people who eat meat might only eat a small amount for one or two meals a weak. , On days when no other protein good like cheese on pasta or an egg in an omelette or slices of salami on bread or fish are not eaten. These people often get a shock when coming as migrants to Australia and see the massive amounts of protein eaten here, especially meat, dairy etc. They cannot imagine how it could even be humanly possible, no matter how hungry, to sit down and eat a TBone steak, with eggs and all the vegetables,postie chips etc it is often served with. But there is a Blood Types theory that may or may not have any scientific basis that suggests people with the O blood type, who are often Anglo types need a lot of meat protein, hence all the steaks etc Australians like to eat. Whereas people with the A blood type, typically of Mediterranean stock need less meat and more vegetable based goods eg fruits to function as healthy people. It apparently has 6o do with what various people of different races did to procure their food eg hunter types who obviously ate the animals they hunted or types, like Mediterranean types who foraged around for edible plants, caught the occasional fish, bird, rabbit etc, herded and milked a few sheep or hosts etc. It is interesting to note that when the semi naturally vegetarian Mediterranean people come to Anglo type big meat eating cultures, despite getting a better standard of living, they die younger than their very elderly parents back in Europe who had very hard lives working the land to survive and had great hardships and discomforts. Nobody knows why, but it may have something to do with changed diet, to one less suited to the A blood type, as they seek to settle into the O blood type Anglo diet and lifestyle, too, whereby meat protein is abundant and getting your food does not require actually doing hard physical work to have it. Eg you just pull out your smart phone and credit card, order it on line and it is delivered to your door. This is so easy but we pay a serious health cost for such ease and convenience, comforts. The old Mediterrean parents probably live longer because they generally eat less ie only what they can grow or forage and must move a lot to get it. For instance, in Central Italy in the high mountains there, they do eat lamb, but before you can eat it, herdsmen have to drive sheep flocks on foot up and down rugged mountains slopes for pastures going up in spring and down into valleys, for protection of the flocks from cold winter snow, wolves etc that can destroy the sheep. So, with all this hard work herding these sheep up and down steep mountain slopes you would get enough exercise to work off any protein you consumed so it cannot cause bodily damage. There is a kind of natural balance dictated by nature so that, in order to have good to eat, you must do hard physical work.Unlike in modern Australia where you not have to starve simply because you failed to do gym one day. You just pop into McDonalds for a Big Mac and there are no questions about whether you did enough physical work to entitle you to eat a Big Mac. But in these traditional Mediterranean societies such questions can be and usually are asked and there used to be an unspoken but universally accepted rule that , first you work, then you eat. So, before they sat down to breakfast, they will have already put in a couple of hours of farm work before the heat of the day. So, on rising, up our get a continental breakfast ie black coffee and a couple of biscuits and off to work. Proper full breakfast is the equivalent of the Anglo style brunch. The meals are structured differently and are based on accommodating work demands, which being largely agricultural, are determined by the seasons, time of day, what grows when, what must be done by when in order to have enough food. Thus, you work when it's cool but take a siesta (seats in Italian) when it is too hot to work, into early afternoon. It is is a careful, practical natural balance between work and energy intake ie food. And that keeps them healthy enough to live long lives. Also, despite great hardships, insecurity, discomforts etc, they do not suffer the same levels of senseless unnecessary stress that living in, say, modern Australian urban type society creates, thatdamages health after prolonged relentless exposure to such stress we rarely are able to avoid or control eg your boss requires some job done by yesterday, your train is late and you miss your specialist sppointmentyiu get bullied and victimised at school or work etc.

  5. Lentejas .frijoles ..abas.arroz.
    No sweets but..dried fruit. ,☑️
    And nuts his recomendation
    My dad is 112 but looks like 85

  6. One reason why l new mothers in third world countries suffer less post partum depression is because extended family that helps with 4he baby.
    The extended family makes you stay relaxed for 40 days. Your family members make sure you have your "special" diet to support the fast and healthy recovery from your delivery.
    Chicken soups, concentrated bone broth and lots of beans makes you get out of bed sooner than later.

    Eat clean and your brain and body will be clean and free if sickness as well.

  7. I grew up in Central America. My diet consisted of lots of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh meats.
    Everyday we went to the open market to see what people brought down from the volcano's crater vegetation. Others brought their vegetables from other cutie's small garde s or plantations. We lived in tight communities and constantly talking and interacting with our neighbors. We also had extended family and visited all the time.
    It was a more communal type living.
    Our diets included beans, lentils, chick peas regularly. Staple food if you wish. Beans is a substitute for meat and provides great amounts of Iron.
    Red Cells are created in the bone marrow, they are responsible to transport oxygen to the brain. The more oxygenated your brain is, the better it functions.

    Anemia is basically the lack of Iron on your blood stream. That lack of Iron means less oxygenation yo your brain which could be the cause of dementia in females more than males.
    Moral of the story: Eat more simple. Eat lots of legumes and vegetables. Eat lots of fruits and eat nuts in moderation. Eat meats sparingly and drink good clean water.
    Eat fresh and eat vegetables that are harvested while young. Fresh, is the key in longevity and sharp brain.
    Lots of fruit. Veggies, nuts, and walk, walk, walk. Talk to a fries daily and you will leave healthy and wonderful life.

  8. Basic diet in the bible. More vegetables and fruits, legumes and beans. You get proteins from plants.

  9. Exactly here in Canada they run in the Gym and then they go home and eat Frozen pizza and do drugs and get depressed !

  10. I know this will be controversial but statistics can be made to say nearly anything. If historians are correct, 1/3 to 1/2 of all Oakinawans committed suicide or were killed in WW2. Therefore, it is not accurate to say they have one of the longest lifespans on Earth, in fact, quite the contrary.

  11. The women on show look 100 and their only half way their with their wrinkly faces. Not true that their vegetarians, they eat lots of meat cheese eggs pasta rice potatoes, they have great DNA and less stress.

  12. No they all eat fish and pork . Okinawa, Greece etc Your wrong dragon ladies. They just dont eat Mac everyday, do some active moving, a bit more sun for vitamin D absorption .And have more social activity. Beans,, no huge meaning..not bad though. Also eating food grown near their land.

  13. What we need is a book or documentary created by someone who doesn’t have a nutritional agenda, and go step by step exposing what each meal looks like from each blue zone group. Show their social structure and physical activity as well. But, these generalized talking points are suspect. I always wonder is the guy or people behind “blue zone” diet research just pushing a particular diet in the first place? Are they just cherry picking the info that sells their agenda? If we really want to know how to prevent the terrible diseases we have in western societies and live long lives, we need to closely examine these cultures and avoid the 5 minute summaries of their diet.

  14. this is a lie, blue zones do not et primarily plant based. they cook in lard or lamb fat, they eat lots of seafoods, lamb, pork and other animal foods. so much lying. they don't eat vegetable oils, they consume less sugars. they don't eat low fat.

  15. She's wrong. Sardinians eat organic pork and fish and artichokes, sourdough bread, and fresh parsley, and no roundup in their fresh fruits and vegetables.

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