Nha Trang Vietnam – Bikini Mud Bath

Our first time in a mud bath was in Nha Trang Vietnam. During our Vietnam bikini mud bath experience we soaked and played in a mud bath to relax after a long day of exploring the province of Khánh Hòa Vietnam. We motorbiked around the Nha Trang countryside and drove along the most amazing beaches in Vietnam.

First we rented a motorbike and left our hotel in Nha Trang beach. Getting outside of the main tourist district in Nha Trang was important to us, so we decided to drive up the coast and see what local life is like here in Vietnam. We stumbled upon a small fishing village about 20 minutes north of Nha Trang Vietnam where we could observe local fisherman and life in the town. Our favorite thing to do is witness local life while traveling, but it’s not always possible.

In Nha Trang travel by motorbike is the best way to get around. Traffic isn’t as bad as Saigon or Hanoi, but it’s definitely enough to slow you down. We suggest doing what we did, rent a motorbike and get out of town if you’re looking for different things to do in Nha Trang besides parties and beach life.

After a long day on the bike, we were so excited to try a Vietnam spa experience so we went to the Nha Trang mud bath! We chose the original mud bath spa in Nha Trang called Thap Ba Spa. It was both of our first time in a mud bath, so we didn’t quite know what to expect. We’ll take you through the entire Vietnam bikini mud bath experience and tell you how much everything is in the video. This was easily our best day in Nha Trang!

If you’re looking for the best places in Vietnam, I would put Nha Trang on your list for a beach holiday. It’s a great place to relax, as Nha Trang has one of the best beaches in Vietnam. We genuinely thought the Thap Ba Spa should be on the Nha Trang best attractions list and can recommend it as an affordable, fun time off the beach. If you’re looking for different things to do in Vietnam, a mud bath is a great experience that we suggest highly. We hope you liked this Nha Trang travel vlog. We have more Vietnam videos on the way so make sure you subscribe!

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45 thoughts on “Nha Trang Vietnam – Bikini Mud Bath

  1. @Deathbyvlog… You are an awesome couple. I plan to visit on the new year Eve. How about the weather during your stay? Please suggest/reply the top 10 places to roam around or top 10 things to do in Nha Trang, Saigon & Dalat as I plan to stay 4 days, 2 days & 2 days respectively. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello Guys, M in Love with your videos. Planning to go to Vietnam in March. Love from India ! Come and visit India too 🙂

  3. Hi from Dallas, TX. I was born and raised in Saigon and my family moved to Dallas several yrs ago. I'd come back to VN for vacation once in a while and watching this vlog just make me want to visit Nha Trang again. The last time I've been there was roughly 7 yrs ago, still one of my favorite coastal city in Vietnam… beautiful beaches, amazing food and friendly people.
    I'm glad you enjoyed Vietnam. Love your videos. Keeping it up!

  4. I'm living in Nha Trang , my hometown is Nha Trang too , I really like your experiences about my city . Nha Trang is a beautiful city and a beautiful beach . Thanks for coming to Nha Trang . Love you ❤

  5. Whte is your hotel please? You made me happy becouse you are happy. Thank you very much 😘🌹🙏🙏🙏🙏🌺

  6. I am happy to watch your vlogs of Nha Trang city. It is my hometown and I miss it so much. Honestly, I accidentally found your video during I was trying to find a channel to practice listening English. I really like the color in your video because it looks natural, and I love the music too. Great jobs and hope to see more vlogs from your channel.

  7. Am wearing my Tiger cap watching you drink Tiger beer …again 🙂
    The coastal road is awesome , I went from Hue to Da Nang /Hoi An .
    Am enjoying all your vlogs 🙂

  8. How did you get such good audio from that scooter ride with all the wind?? This place is amazing. I wish we had time to get to Nha Trang!

  9. Do u work for a travel guide website or magazine because of detailed explanations, if not more plz more action less comments thx!

  10. Great video! Here right now, it's raining, so seems like a fun thing to do when you can't go to the beach! Thanks!

  11. That’s my kind of vacation day , just rent a scooter and go exploring. I did find it a bit harder in Naha Trang , and Vietnam in general, with English not so widely spoken , and no road signs in English . I would still like to visit the north, as I ran out of time last year . Good to see you guys having fun .

  12. Looking forward to returning and visiting this great place. The last time I was there I was being shot at…46 years ago.

  13. Amazing videos. You guys SHOULD deserve much more than the mere 34K subscribers you have now!!

  14. Great video you guys can enjoy the mud bath and I'll sit here eating some nachos and hot chillis and drinking some Red Horse and watch ya!

  15. Thank you for your video. I’m living in California now, but I was born in NhaTrang. It’s so great to see your guys enjoying this. Watching your video really brings back a lot of memories for me when I went back there a few years ago. Thap Ba mud bath is the bomb, and chilling at Louisiane during the day is a must. When you guys come back and go visit up north, don’t forget to visit Ninh Binh. That’s where the movie King Kong takes place. Make sure to use the boat service that they offer for tourists there. You guys will be amazed. I promise you guys that.

  16. Love how you adventure off the beaten path to get away from the tourist area, from my experience that’s where you find the coolest sites.Thanks for the great videos!

  17. Isn't it very hot and humid in Vietnam? I would think under those circumstances the last thing you would want to do is immerse yourself in hot water. Wouldn't it be more pleasant to be in water that was cool and refreshing?

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