RETRO BAE WEEK: MADONNA & TUPAC: The Truth About Interracial Relationships | Shallon Lester

RETRO BAE WEEK: MADONNA & TUPAC: The Truth About Interracial Relationships | Shallon Lester
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Madonna and #Tupac were undercover lovers in the 90s, but he dumped her because she was white. Yikes! I’ll uncover the harsh truths about interracial relationships and how to be an ally to someone of another race or person of color! #shallon #shallonlester

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32 thoughts on “RETRO BAE WEEK: MADONNA & TUPAC: The Truth About Interracial Relationships | Shallon Lester

  1. What I always think is hilarious is that it’s usually the female in an interracial relationship that gets the most shit and because who knows why. I have had black man talk down to me and black women talk down to me. And ultimately what they do not understand is that love is about the personality.

  2. He’s actually a very mature and sensitive man which is the opposite of his image. No wonder alot of women were attracted to him. Rip. 😢

  3. You should do a vid on what to do or how to proceed if you and your significant other have different religious or spiritual views! Or even if you're in a long-term relationship and you discover that your religious views don't align 100% like you had assumed they did. Not like bipolar opposite, just not the same. *(ASSUMPTION is the OG issue in this situation obviously.. lol but once that ship has sailed, then what).

  4. but the real question is.. does shallon even have female friends who are black? if you do (i highly doubt it) you should ask them and get their insight on the black community and what black woman go through before labelling all of them as bitter. unsubcribed. social media is dragging you right now and its honestly so sad to see.

  5. not gonna watch this because i know how problematic Shallon is, just came to say that Tupac was a rarity in our community. He saw value in everyone within our community, including us women (which can be hard to find at times). Him dating other races wasn't coated in self esteem issues or lack of self awareness like many others. He was attracted to the souls of people… He saw something specail in Madonna and it didn't have anything to do with her race. And I wish more interracial relationships were that way, rather than looking for someone to fetishize you and disrespect your gender counterparts within your own race.

  6. It really hurts when black people are unaccepting of interracial relationships you would think that they would want people to have the freedom. I've experienced first hand being mixed race. I feel like I'm not fully accepted from my black side and that shit takes its toll on you.

  7. Trust me when I say that I appreciated you before I knew you dated outside your race and I STAN you even more now. You are a true gem🤗

  8. Black woman are Hippocrate, they cheer the black girl if she gets a white men, but the men choose a white woman it's a traitor to the community, girl bye.
    PS: my grandma (father) is white, my grandpa (mother) white, my aunt (mother side) white and my uncle's and aunts are white and black my causing are white and black. So don't come at me, is true what I say

  9. He didn't break up with her because she's white he broke up with her because she wasn't woke. Before that phrase had even been coined he was woke. What a man.

  10. Dont call a black persons speech "articulate". That is an offensive microaggression because it is spawned from the assumption that it is exceptional when we are "articulate" 🙄

  11. I once had a guy sit me down, break up with me, and tell me why. And can I just say I appreciated it so much! I was like, Oh, thank you for letting me know. I can't even be mad.
    It was so refreshing and I wish more guys were this mature.

  12. Much respect to anyone who writes a thoughtful 'breakup' letter. I'm a monster. When I was his age, my preferred method was with phone knowing they werent even in the same city… and it would've been better ghosting or just not being a human POS.

    Tupac, RIP.

  13. I'm biracial my mom was white and my dad is black they were together for 11 years before she died never heard they had problems of them being together

  14. I think it's disgusting that you've been harassed and endured mean and hurtful comments from other women just by being with your partner and I don't condone that behaviour at all. If you don't have anything nice to say, mind your own damn business. But I will also say from hearing black women speak about this particularly black feminists. The channel For Harriet has an interesting video on interracial dating and black mens dating choices. A lot of black men typically put black women down and treat them badly especially darker skinned black women (because of colourism) in favour of lighter skinned black women, latinas or white women because of the the privilege that affords them in society. And a lot of black men are given a pass for dating outside of their race whereas black women are often scolded at by their families and the men in their lives because it is seen as the woman's job to hold the black family together and nurture it. Knowing all of this it kind of makes me see those women's reactions through a particular lense. I'm not condoning what they're doing and what they're saying but I think I'm able to see it from their perspective. Also the fact that people are coming after the woman and not the man here? The black man is getting a pass while you're made the enemy here.
    Also I don't want this to look like I don't think peole of different races can be together. Because at the end of the day love is love and it knows no race and at the end of the day you're individual people with a unique and special bond with your partner that is only yours. But relationships also exist in a bigger picture, in a broader culture with a history of racial and political dynamics. And a lot of people still experience the disparity of privelege when it comes to different races and some people do use the race of their partners or connections to lift up their own status in society and that can look a certain way to their own communities. Just food for thought.

  15. Oh ok. Now I get your passive-aggressive nature toward BW. I have the same thing towards ww because I am a serial interracial dater and they (ww) are forever giving dirty looks along with bm. Even bm with ww will stare me down. I feel your pain.

  16. Preach Shallon! My daughter dates only black guys and all the hate she gets is from black women, both young and old. It is so sad!

  17. It’s true what he said about Europe. I’m from Europe and seriously we don’t care about those stuff. Much people can’t understand Americans obsession about skin color. People would overreact over little things. Most things what people from Europe see is discrimination of white people by black people. Seriously even in this shitty new show love is blind Cameron didn’t care what skin color Lauren is ,his family also. So where is the problem? Of course in Lauren family(and she is talking about it all the time) ,because she should marry BLACK men. We have to acknowledge the history and respect black people and hurtful background ,but not identify them by history and for sure they shouldn’t identify themselves either. Don’t forget about your roots but don’t let them dictate your life. 🙂

  18. You don’t know how hard life is as a black men until you date one like when I dated my ex the waitress always assumes he liked hot sauce or recommended the chicken dishes or how he dresses casually ppl think he is a danger or a drug dealer my white bf dresses the same and no one assumes anything it’s just trendy or when we went anywhere to rent it’s more likely we got the place if I went than if he went or how he is sexualized everywhere he goes or when he has a disagreement with ppl police would he called fast.. such a huge difference life is sooo much easier being white

  19. I dated a quarter Asian guy (he looked more Asian then white) it didn’t make a huge difference in my relationship other than being accused of having yellow fever and asked about his dick size. Like we definitely had our issues, but they weren’t related to race. The upside is no one thought we were related.

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