Rumours of Kim Jong-un’s death were 'greatly exaggerated'

Sky News Foreign Coordinator Brent O’Halloran says rumours of Kim Jong-un’s death have been “greatly exaggerated”.

“It’s difficult to speak with much certainty regarding anything to do with the North Korean leader or indeed anything going on within the hermit nation, Mr O’Halloran said.

It is understood the 36 year old leader of North Korea underwent heart surgery earlier this month with several US outlets quoting unnamed US intelligence sources reporting there were complications from that surgery.

CNN said he was in “grave danger” while an NBC reporter tweeted he was “brain dead”, a tweet which was later deleted, Mr O’Halloran said.

Officials in South Korea, Japan and China later said there was no evidence to suggest Kim Jong-un is severely ill.

Mr O’Halloran said “this was not the first time US media outlets had released false information”.

While it may have been an “incidental mistake,” Mr O’Halloran said “it was this sort of journalistic malpractice which bought us three years of uncorroborated Russia-Trump collusion conspiracy theories which were peddled by the majority of US mainstream media outlets”.


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41 thoughts on “Rumours of Kim Jong-un’s death were 'greatly exaggerated'

  1. I HATE Americans, we’re so stupid on a national level, we’re the only nation who’s people are protesting the ONE thing that’s meant to stop the virus because we’re impatient and feel like our freedom is more important than saving tens of thousands of lives. And a side note, that one guy protesting is wearing a mask which is ironic

  2. Remember when Kim Il-Sung died? The news were hidden for some time for all we know Kim Jong Un already died.

  3. The literal entire fucking world: "Oh, I thought you were dead."
    Kim Jong Un: "My death was… Greatly exaggerated."

  4. I heard off a mate who knows quite a lot of stuff that Kim Jong Un is dead after he accidentally swallowed a rather large moth in his sleep. So hopefully that will end any more speculation about what's happened to the podgy faced oddball.

  5. OK OK I guess there is a chance for a second great depression but still America, the virus is dangerous if you do this you will endanger the entire world not just yourselves so please stay a while longer and if it really doesn’t work then fine

  6. Why won't NASA use their Space Camera and focus on North Korea, and see if Kim, can be spotted. Heck i'm not sure if it's true but i heard that they read your text from Space.

  7. I don't think it really matters who the "leader" of N Korea is. Beijing runs N Korea, not Pyongyang!!

  8. Kim no die. He go away but he speak to everyone. All N. Korea hear him everyday forever. All boy now name Kim. We someday have 50 million boy name Kim. We name everything Kim. Car, bus, tree, birds, flower, sister, everything we name Kim.
    We all confused now.

  9. In the US the CDC has been caught cooking the numbers on Covid deaths. They have counted car accidents of people with it as dying of it.

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