Shallon Lester is in BIG TROUBLE!

Shallon Lester is receiving A LOT of backlash at the moment for her racist comments towards BTS and multiple hateful videos she has made about Selena Gomez, Meghan Markle, Pete Davidson, Kylie Jenner, and many manyyyyy other celebrities. She claims to provide love advice on her YouTube channel but it has just turned into a hateful gossip channel where she goes on rants and accuses celebrities with no proof whatsoever.

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49 thoughts on “Shallon Lester is in BIG TROUBLE!

  1. Yes as army I am protective and crazy over them but we as army have a limit of hate to receive u come for bts u get ended periodttt

  2. imagine being brave enough to come for bts in that way (homophobic comments).

    sometimes i dont like when other army come at others for not liking their music, but being respectful.
    this girl, i just want to say army: don't hold back

  3. I don't think that she can change. With her advise channel she also tries to help herself, but it is not working. But I also am afraid that with the shit storm she gets now, her narcissist personality even hardens more, 'cause she completely refuses to deal with it(as far as I can see now)

  4. Okay coming to you from a bts fan hearing people say things like 2:01 is kind of annoying. It’s not like that. It’s a simple thing, don’t be a d^ck and your good. The people that get hate are the ones that judge them on their appearance (examples, body shaming and saying they look like girls), saying they have bad music because you don’t understand it, being plain old racist or just being rude for no reason. If somebody does a critical video on them but are respectful the comments are usually very accepting. There’s a difference between being critical and rude. That’s what makes the fans pissed off. Bts get so much hate and obviously there are some fans who get mad at everything but it’s not even close to the majority. What do you expect? Bts are the biggest boy band worldwide with the biggest fanbase so of course not all of them are gonna agree or be normal. Also things in different countries can be taken as being rude but a good thing in another.

  5. As an Asian whose not a fan of BTS, I find her remarks DISGUSTING. Not just about BTS, but celebrities and people in general. They are human too.

  6. She’s a coward. Deletes the video but doesn’t apologise. She’s ridiculous and so is her Chanel. “I guess people love to watch crap”- amber liu

  7. Bruh if my camera roll could tell them apart, then you can do too luv. ( unless you have a peanut sized brain, which she does (: )

  8. At least BTS look like a human , not like her, she don't even look like an animal, i can't tell what trach she is , can anyone tell me PLEASE 🔪🌚🤬

  9. She's right about Megan markle and Selena is a junkie but stating that she's bipolar is wrong she doesn't have any receipts

  10. I agree that if a man is not healthy mentaly to stay away from women. Why!??? Coz they hurt us even in a worst way and they dont care. Being there… hurts as hell!

  11. She HELLA deleted my comments I left on her videos just because I was defending my kings BTS👑 all because she is a salty slime ball and is trying to hide without bothering to apologize to any celebrity she ranted on about🙄 She straight up needs to zip her mouth shut☕

  12. Society is so screwed up with hypocrisy. This generation says you can look any way you want without being judged, but then they judge people by their hairstyles, makeup or clothes if they deem it cultural appropriation……what happened to people can look or wear what they want?

  13. She doesn’t understand that it’s natural for men in Korea to have make up done and I’m pretty sure everyone is allowed to dye and use contacts. She’s 39 years old and she’s over here mocking people and insulting them (with race). Our make up criteria is different. And learn about the culture first. I never even knew her till now.

  14. Lmao coming for bts was the biggest mistake you ever made don't mess with army or the kpop fandoms altogether. We even got the wrong dispatch twitter deleted.

  15. She's disgusting, especially her views on mental health. I suffer with bipolar, bpd, anxiety and clinical depression and I have had suicidal thoughts more times than I care to count. But I've never attempted suicide properly, because of the people around me. They always hold me back and the fact that his mum and sister help him stay alive is amazing and nothing short of incredible. Some people don't have that love in their lives and they do kill themselves, it's sad and should never happen. No one should feel that alone. I hope one day Shallon suffers with problems like these and I hope that she has absolutely no one around her to help her. Maybe then she'll understand what it's like to deal with stuff like that daily.

  16. Bts are our kings and we protect them at all costs if you come for them, I swear when I grow up I'm gonna find a reason to sue you 😗✌️

  17. She should be called out like does she think she is better than them? NO bcoz they are better than her by so much! And don't even try coming close to BTS
    And Selena music is better and Selena problem is non of our problems
    Meghan and Prince Harry problem is Literally not her problem
    Who does she think she is? Just bcoz she was a editor last time she thinks she can do anything 😒😒
    She thinks she is so much better than them and Yea she is plain jealous

  18. I don't think she should be banned from U2 at a wall. I find her entertaining and I don't believe that she is being malice towards anyone. She's giving an opinion as everybody else's on YouTube. I did not see the one with the Asian boys. she was expressing her own opinion and maybe it might be influenced by the fact that she's been stranded in California during this time of confinement and self quarantine. It's making everybody a little batty. I find that she gets a lot of good information and insight based on her own knowledge and information from sources that are anonymous oh, that's why she doesn't State her sources. Somebody that is reporting on a person or an incident through a third party that wishes to say anonymous can do so if they make an agreement with the person that will be speaking about the subject. Let's give her a break you may have had a bad day. I mostly found that most of her videos are entertaining as well as informative and I know that it is based on her experience or her feelings about the situation. We don't have to agree with everything she says. As for your presentation showing a video clip of her saying the things that you're saying she say would make your videos much better okay. I realize you too or a fan of hers, yet you don't agree with all the things she says, which is fine. That's your opinion about her opinion. the next time you're going to do a breakdown of what's wrong with somebody, things that they have said on YouTube you should have a video clip of it. I mean no ill will towards you I'm just saying that it would be proof of what you're saying about her. Mind you you are doing the same thing that you are accusing her of by not putting a clip of what she had said in your video. I don't think that I'm being unfair since anybody that put stuff up on YouTube or Instagram and are an influencer or drama Channel they always put a clip-in or a screenshot of proof to substantiate what the person I said that is evidence of what you're talkin about. I hope you find this somewhat useful oh, I realize that I am not picking on you by any means just stating that you just did exactly what she does. have a good day and give her a break remember everybody's a little crazy stuck in the house and not socializing. unfortunately since I never got to see the video since it's taken down I can't actually confirm what you just said. But on the other hand I do not agree with her picking on somebody for their race and how they choose to dress or wear their hair.

  19. I feel like people make fun of BTS because they think it’ll be easy and people will automatically agree, and they’re not the more typical super masculine attractive. It’s lazy and the easy way out of not truly addressing underlying insecurities and biases. Yeah they’re not white, “manly”, and American, but that doesn’t mean it’s fair to undermine the fact that they’re genuine people who have put in the hard work to do what they love. I’m honestly sick of people hating on them for no particular reason every other week and attributing every negative aspect of the Kpop industry onto them when it doesn’t even apply. They don’t even realize their own ignorance and I wish they would stfu.

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