Shallon Lester's Book is DISGUSTING

Today we’re reviewing Shallon Lester’s memoir / book of essays / whatever this is, Exes and Ohs – possibly one of the worst, most disgusting and offensive books I’ve ever read. How did this get published?!

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35 thoughts on “Shallon Lester's Book is DISGUSTING

  1. I believe her background is in the gutter press, so it is hardly surprising her books and videos follow the same style really. She comes across as an utterly vile creature.

  2. She’s really gone so far out of her way to stereotype every minor black character and to portray them as “””reverse racists” so she can be the victim in every situation. It’s almost hilarious.

  3. If Shallon' book is disgusting, where is your book at girl? Let's read it, and only after you publish your own should you hate on someone who actually works their butt off.

  4. Me being a brown Puerto Rican and knowing a lot of us love our color no matter how pale or dark laughed at the story.

  5. She put her age as 35 online, she’s actually 39. Definitely can’t deal with the fact she’s not still in her 20s

  6. i think the word you're looking for is "ignorant" lol. it's so rare for someone to be so wrong yet so self-righteous.

  7. im not puerto rican but im latin american and the stereotype of a puerto rican person speaking english like that…. whew. first of all: how many languages does she speak? second of all: puerto ricans literally don't speak like that wtf.

  8. Lmao when she goes for the intern she literally says in the next paragraph down she’s waiting like a predator for him in the lobby 😬😬 The only true statement in this book

  9. It's not that weird to know the name of a cashier in the US. They have these obnoxious name tags that say something like, "Hi, my name is !"… "Karen"s like to ostentatiously read the nametags aloud when threatening to call for managers or ring up customer service. But sometimes even I notice a cashier's name if my gaze happens to randomly wander to the right spot. And if something memorable happened some time at a supermarket, it wouldn't be implausible for that to be one of the random tidbits that stuck in my memory. If she wanted to complain about the cashier later (even if just to friends or whatever she has), she probably looked at the name tag and committed the name to memory on purpose. Assuming this happened, of course; but it's a very plausible detail for an entitled American person who thinks a cashier is beneath them.

  10. "I'd cook up a Costco-sized box of macaroni and cheese and divide it into old margarine tubs, then write inspirational notes on napkins: 'YOU ARE LOVED!' 'HAVE FAITH, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!' 'FUCK THE POLICE!'" Dude, just…just give them money. Hobos already get SO MUCH food from hand-outs, dumpster-diving, and food banks alone (plus where I live, hobos can get $500 a month on their food stamp cards). It's literally the best praxis to just give hobos money because they can get food anywhere else.

  11. I love your videos and I normally watch them till the end but this has just really made me uncomfortable, I’m sorry I couldn’t watch it all the way through

  12. She said that her therapist says she has narcissistic traits. I really think that her perspective is really what makes this so bizarre

  13. She has sth against latinas. For her information, we are very different from country to country and there are many different ethnic groups in each place. For example, I'm from Argentina but I'm half Spanish and half German. However, although I'm not the stereotype of what a latina should look like according to Americans, I'm still a latina because I was born in a country where Spanish is the official language.
    This woman and her stereotypes are giving me a headache🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. You ever feel dumber after reading something? I feel like I'd turn into an eggplant if I read that whole book.

  15. what the hell even is this book and this woman??? wtf i´m only 15 minutes in but oh my lord what is going on i´m about to slap her into the next dimension

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