STORYTIME: Why I Moved From New York City To Montana! | Shallon Lester

STORYTIME: Why I Moved From New York City To Montana! | Shallon Lester
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I moved from New York City to #Montana! Why? Well, it’s a long story… #shallonlester #shallon

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Got a love, dating or friendship question? You’ve come to the right place! I’m Shallon Lester, a two-time published author, NYC magazine editor and star of Howcast’s viral kissing videos. I spill the tea on celebs like Kylie Jenner, the Kardashians, Beyonce, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Rihanna and more, breaking down their relationships, scandals and psychology to see what lessons WE can learn, and give you no-nonsense advice and real-world tips on everything from dating apps and players, to family and friends!


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23 thoughts on “STORYTIME: Why I Moved From New York City To Montana! | Shallon Lester

  1. MT born and raised. It’s a beautiful state…in the summer. It’s a lot different than Cali and not just the weather. If you like snow, hunting, river rafting, outdoor activities then your in the right place. I wish you the best….. And realize You shouldn’t have to uproot your life to inspire others. MT isn’t a experiment in dating and land. Think more “ the shining “ only jack Nicholson isn’t there. Either as a human or actor. Pony up.

  2. Yay Shallon!!! So excited & happy for you! Last year I finally left NYC after 8 years and it felt amazing – no regrets :)!

  3. I hope you don’t live in my Montana town. And by the way, your stupid fucking dialect is not from Montana. Then you put your hat on ass backwards. You set it flat on the ground and that’s why the hat looks like shit. You’re horrible.

  4. Actually most Europeans actually know a lot about the USA… we study your geography quite extensively like the rest of the world. Love you Shallon! Hello from Madrid Spain ❤️❤️❤️

  5. So excited for you! This will be an awesome chapter in your life. 💜💪🏽 I love Express VPN btw. I used it when I studied abroad in China to get around the great Chinese firewall and be able to actually have access to real news, social media etc. Of all of my friends who used other VPNs, mine was the only one that worked reliably 100% of the time and had no connectivity issues. I will only ever use them going forward!

  6. Sis is so fake lmfao. I’m guessing she moved because the “NYC scene” caught on to her predatory ways.

  7. Hey, Shal!💗💋 I'm having a chill day, so I decided to watch a chill video. I also used to go to a psychic until I couldn't find her anymore and got really good with Tarot Cards. (I think she knew that was going to happen😉). Congrats, on making your own, Shallenge! Experiences make you and can level you up if you allow. LuvYu!💗

  8. Love the comments on loving Native Americans yet you haven’t addressed your racist past. Proclaiming to love one group of marginalized people while holding clear racist beliefs around others (“at least if I call immigration my mom isn’t getting deported” isn’t that something similar to what you said in an old video you HAVE NOT addressed?) feels very privileged and tone deaf. You could do great things with your platform yet you choose to uphold your problematic past by neglecting to take it seriously (racism, inappropriate attraction to preteen and teen boys, discrimination against immigrants and whomever else isn’t what you deem acceptable, etc) and therefore address it. Not trying to cancel you, as a former shalloner this is another cry for you to DO THE RIGHT THING and address your past otherwise eventually it will address you and you won’t be able to lie your way out.

  9. I'd like to visit Montana, do some serious trout fishing, and make a French kissing video with Shallon. What say you, Shallon?

  10. @shallonlester I used to like you but it’s disappointing to see you feeding into dumb stereotypes about Montana and the people that live here. I’ll tell you right now people from here hate that, just a tip when trying to make new friends here. Also – ( if it wasn’t obvious ) I live in MT.

  11. Native New Yorker here , I’ve been spending the entire pandemic in my bfs family house in Lake Tahoe and I miss nyc so much. Also visited Jackson hole and Idaho while here and I can say I’m very much a city person lol. I think it’s cool when people know themselves! I literally cannot no woodsy mountain vibes lol but it’s nice as a vacation home visit!

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