Taeyeon Charm part 35

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People who appreciates and shows affection to Girls Generation kidleader/main vocal Kim Taeyeon. (No Bashing pls.)

Will upload many parts. Anyone would like to help pls. send me the information.


Credits: video & photo owners, as tagged,
Soshified for the subs, @ch0sshi @Sonexstella Cystaljo
(if you want to be credited I’ll be happy to, just inform me)

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26 thoughts on “Taeyeon Charm part 35

  1. i just checked all the videos of this account.. and its been active for almost 7 years.. its so nice to see dedicated fans like you .
    thank you for your hard work

  2. Heyy, please make all video public:“) bcse i want to download u all video and i want to watching when i‘m boringg, pleasee

  3. That idol covering ty from the confetti while on that exact second ty is saying her thankyou to her another fanboy Kanto😂

  4. 우리 언니 멋있어ㅜㅜ 내 가수 자랑스러워ㅜㅜ
    언니 영원히 소원 옆에 있어줘요 보고싶어요ㅠ
    우오가💜 많이 사랑해요 응원해요❤️

  5. This channel is really improved a lot. before this, you only add something funny like reaction in between video. but for this video, you begin and end with funny clip. nice edit.

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