The Shameless Spiral of Shallon Lester (Ft. The Right Opinion)

From spreading rumors about Selena Gomez to downplaying Pete Davidson’s mental health, join me as we delve into the ugliest side of Shallon Lester.



(Part 1)
(Part 2)







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36 thoughts on “The Shameless Spiral of Shallon Lester (Ft. The Right Opinion)

  1. I call her SHALLOW M😵LESTER. You know she got her white claw & popcorn to secretly watch all these 🍿🌮

  2. disappointed in the Right Opinion, whose videos I have watched. I'm not a huge Shallon fan, but there's one thing I have notived about her detractors… you guys nitpick over things that don't matter much. except for labeling persons with 'mental illness' but so what? we're all entitled to our opinion. ppl hating on her seem to be those who have trouble taking full self-responsibility. yeah she's a nutter but she's more or less a comic who doesn't give AF. not so wure why you guys do.

  3. "I WAAANT TOOO BEEEE RELEEEEEVAAAAAAAAAANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….'s quiet in here…i can hear my own thoughts…oh no….OH NO..stop…. STOP!…..I MUST TALK!…

  4. Great video btw enjoy you and right opinion yet I've couldn't had the patient's keep to the part u and me
    Speaking still 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  5. She's gonna be scared for life if she actually got herself an abusive husband.

    People like her always regret their words when they accomplished their dirty desires.

  6. Her problem with Selena Gomez is the fact that she once dated Justin Bieber 🤧. Shawty is wocky, thinking she can define a person based on her feelings and experiences.

  7. a painfully mediocre creator that's an obvious try-hard, almost like she celebrates it
    (edit; this would be CobraJFS if he was an attractive female with cleavage at one point)
    (edit #2; I've known people that had to try to maintain a medication regiment to treat bi-polar disorder, and it can sometimes be described as throwing darts at a bullseye for your entire life, it can be life-consuming and tragic)
    (edit #3; she likely dislikes Selena because she's simply younger, and she knows no amount of shit-talk can roll back the calendar)

  8. Wait what nooo trop is gay awwwww damn but yeah im a girl but also yassss werqqqq im pan lgbtq+ representing in this community susan is going be shookeddddd she can demonize our shit but cant stop us creating

  9. since this absolute shit-filled shallot likes to pull the psychology card, there's a personality type/trait, NFD (need for drama) that results in people who stir up interpersonal drama for the sake of fun and stimulus… essentially, the Asshole Factor. they often leave a wake of failed relationships in their wake and are never happy around who they're with. ironically, they participate in victimhood in the drama they stir up. though she claims to hate people who victimize themselves, that is what she's doing, especially in the video where she talks about cheating on partners. though trying to frame it as "shhhhh I'm letting you in on a secret" and 'admitting' to being a shitty person, she frames her reason for cheating as long distance, a busy partner, or just getting bored after the honeymoon phase, as if she's making herself the victim of these 'boring' or 'busy' partners because the most they can give you is not 100%…

    I went and watched the video in full, and it irked me so badly. I've been in a transatlantic long distance relationship for over a year and a half, and have NEVER considered cheating. My partner suffers seasonal depression disorder and has lived on his own the last two years while trying to sort meds and find the motivation to work, get out of bed, or hang out with me more than a few memes and a goodnight text. it's not easy, it gets frustrating, but during rough patches I'm not gonna go substitute his attention with someone temporary and shatter his trust. we TALK about it. we are not interested in assuming emotions or intentions, we are not each other's drama sources. I wonder how many shattered trusts she's left in her wake, then claim they're playing the victim card.

    her perception on mental health is absurdly misinformed, as well. jaubrey is mostly correct, when finding the right medication for a mental disorder, it's like playing a guessing game. yes, things like working out, keeping in contact with loved ones, meditation, eating well, sleeping consistently and enough, being in nature (for me, at least… if I can't get lost in some trees, I spiral) but doing any and all of those things are NIGH IMPOSSIBLE when you cannot find the will to even get out of bed. when you've got something like depression, you could be playing a guessing game or Russian roulette for up to four months, resulting in either improvement, nothing, or a spiral, then another month or two to come off the medication safely, sometimes under suicide watch. my siblings and I are all pretty mentally fucked, and my experience with meds was 'easy' for my case since I didn't go on extended release medication. by 'easy' I mean it took TWO AND A HALF GODDAMN YEARS to figure my combination out. I tried four antidepressants last year and none of them worked, they made things harder. psychiatry as we know it is a fairly new science and there is no sure-fire way to predetermine what medications will work genetically (there is one test, but it's very expensive and I've got reason to question the results). the more medications you throw onto the list, the harder it gets. the medications interact with each other. 

    mental illnesses tend to come in packs, a traumatic event or genetically predisposed disability act as the primary catalyst and cause other problems. for example, I have ADHD that went undiagnosed for many years. when my needs for ADHD aren't met, I get depressed and spiral. due to my ADHD, I haven't had a quiet moment in my head ever, which leads to anxiety. ADHD is my primary illness, and depression/anxiety are secondary illnesses. if my needs for ADHD are met, then my anxiety and depression vanishes. if my needs are not met, then my secondary illnesses make fulfilling those needs even harder. also, someone with undiagnosed BPD (which, by the way, can be VERY hard to get a diagnosis for, especially if you're a woman) often cycle through many diagnoses before settling on BPD because it's a whole mess of other symptoms. to be so vile and spread rumors of people struggling to find who they really are and how their medication can help them find functionality, if not normalcy, and turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain of existing in a mind that is actively fighting against you, just makes me feel sick.

    she reminds me of those male pickup artists on YouTube or selling vile books that will fuck up the unaware person's perception of love and relationships. dishing out rumors and vile advice under the guise of serving the facts, she carries the poise and voice of someone who believes she's god's gift to us.


    … anyways, thank you for coming to my TEDtalk. I'm… passionate about mental health.

    NFD articles, for anyone interested:

  10. I'm 20minutes in the video and HOLY SHIT THAT CHEATING GUIDE INFURIATES ME! My mother's brother infarct commited suicide because je thought that he's girlfriend cheated on him AND THEN I SEE SOMEONE MAKING GUIDES TO CHEATING. I honestly think cheating should be made a crime.

  11. Oh please… lmao 😂 the double standards in this video are hilarious. The amount of male POA outlining a step by step tutorial on how to play women and/or use them for their own selfish needs as well as the amount of incels ranting about their hatred for women far outweigh Shallon’s satirical content. She’s a gossipy b**ch and we all know that. Whoever is taking her videos at 100% face value has a mental deficiency. Everyone speculates and makes jokes that are inappropriate and sometimes distasteful, we just keep it out of the public eye. She could learn to bite her tongue here and there but really? No one said she was an Ivy League scholar, no one said she was a psychologist, no one said she was perfect. The amount of jabs at her age is just sexist dribble. It should only be brought up when you’re touching on her gross comments about JB, and that’s it. Men go on and on about their “locker room talk” and how everyone is so sensitive, can’t take a joke, call women crazy for the smallest thing, blah blah blah. Then when a woman is vulgar, cheats on men, uses men for what she wants, makes jokes at a man’s expense, etc she’s a vile monster that should be publicly hanged. Give me a break 😬

  12. Nicole Arbor has historically been correct though. Being blunt isn't a bad thing, especially when she's right.

    Frankly I would prefer someone who's brutally honest over someone who sugar coats everything and coddles people who are actively destroying their own lives.

    Furthermore, you don't seem to understand that it's completely okay to have standards in relationships, even in regards to mental illness. I will not date someone who is going through depression or is bipolar. It is destructive for both people in the relationship. Is this chick supposed to date anyone just because they have mental illness? Obviously not. This logic is backwards as all hell.

  13. Shrooms and acid, used properly, might be the only cure for depression, anxiety etc, learn about how it rewires the brain. She’s so full of shit and ego, a dangerous mixture for the rest of us

  14. Enough get over her and move on…what about the bible verse those who have not sinned cast the first stone…yeh so get a life 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  15. I can see the Star magazine signature in the fact that she will spin any little mishap a celebrity makes into a whole story of psychologic illnesses and issues. The entire world of celebrities is divided into psychotic assholes (aka people she dislikes) and people suffering from being around psychotic assholes (aka people she likes)

  16. I don’t even know what she means by “she withholds her time”. If I find someone intellectually stimulating, it’s because she is smarter than me. Deadass. And that’s not really hard

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