“Too Hot To Handle” Eps 2/3 Analysis

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26 thoughts on ““Too Hot To Handle” Eps 2/3 Analysis

  1. Sharron is the low key villain of this show. He gaslights Rhonda and then later he gaslights David thereby effectively sabotaging a potentially decent romantic relationship between Rhonda and David. Sharron weaponized his emotions to manipulate both David and Rhonda into trusting him.

  2. I saw this show and I personally enjoyed every minute of it. They dropped some deep life lessons throughout the show.

  3. The analysis you did not talk about: these shows are made exclusively to push some layers of the underlying "progressive" political agenda (cultural marxism). In this specific case, they want to show girls the "new normal", the "s*x liberation". They are THOTtizing girls since decades and this is just the last propaganda show to achieve that.

  4. i believe the premise of the show is "thirsty" types watch and fantasize how long they could go before THEY would BREAK the rules. stupid azz show.

  5. that harry guy has the worst haircut in the history of civilization. it's trending here in europe to have a haircut like that and 90% of the teenagers who have the hair to do this haircut, do it. it makes them look like total idiots and it's a great filter to separate the smart from the dumb

  6. I watched the whole season after seeing your first video. The only guy that is red pilled is the accountant guy, the rest are blue pilled Chads. Overall this show is the most boring and scripted out of them. Love is blind and Temptation Island are way better. Seeing these shows as a red pilled guy is actually entertaining because you can almost predict everything that is going to happen.

  7. that chick resemble scottie pippen wife how do these woman look alike they must be going to the same dude to modify them

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