Too Hot To Handle Season 1 Episode 2 | AfterBuzz TV

Things are really heating up and rules are already being broken and it’s barely been two days!! Everyone seems to be getting a lot swimmingly until someone breaks the rules and stirs up trouble. A good chunk of money is taken away just for a kiss, and we quickly learn who is on ‘team money’ and who is on ‘team lust.’ Revenge gets the best of two of the ladies and leaves us questioning what is going to happen next!

Hosts: Michael Thieling, Kelsey Meyer, Jessie Zahner, and Toree Weaver

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6 thoughts on “Too Hot To Handle Season 1 Episode 2 | AfterBuzz TV

  1. Harry is literally so shitty for what he did. He literally manipulated almost all of them and are acting like Francesca was the bad guy just because Francesca seems like one of those girls who lie about shit and have bestie to back her up, but in this case, Francesca was telling the truth.

  2. I feel Harry is one of those guys who just keep on lying and lying. He just can't be trusted at all. He makes me feel like to puke. By a big lie he told. Looks like one of those fuck boys who would deny getting you pregnant 🙄even knowing that they just fucked you the night before. 🤢

  3. I dont understand why people dont talk more abt how shitty it was what Harry did, yes it doesnt matter for entertainment purposes who kissed who because they both wanted it but it was still shitty what he did. And Francesa did feel bad about it and worried abt the money and the group while Harry didnt really care and yet hes left with none of the blame and still got everyone on his side, even though he didnt really care about her or the rest of the group. How does everything he did to her, not go against everything the MeToo movement is for?

    He pressured her, threw her under the bus, lied about it and then denied it when she called him out for what he did and then let everyone hate her or treat her bad and then continue to make accusations about her that she tried to make everyone hate him when she was just being honest. This is basically what happens to victims all the time.. thank you Afterbuzz TV for feeding that and proving everyones point that its scary to be a victim and stand up for yourself, Francesa was really the victim in this situation, way to show victims that you dont support them and the show proved it, that victims do suffer.

  4. The question was asked who kissed who. Francesca felt bad for doing it period and was not just trying to blame him. Harry just lied straight up. He initiated the kiss and lied about saying we should just f***. And I believe that most of them made up their minds before about not liking Francesca. I think she was taken aback from his straight up lies and did not know how to take it. There was anger that was being shown more from some to the one who initiated the kiss. I don't see how this was all overlooked. I'm not even a Francesca or her friend fan either. I do believe the truth will come out. Drama at least

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