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Francesca can’t understand why everyone is mad that she and Harry lose the group money – could it be because it’s their money? Sharonda become bf/gf and Lana throws everyone a White Party where we find out about the show’s final twist – they can win back some of the money they’ve lost – everything Francesca and Harry have lost them to be exact, if Francesca and Harry can spend the night together and not touch each other – at all. After a long night and much suspense we find out they were successful and the group’s total is back up to $75,000. The final Workshop is called Re-Birthing where the group paints words on each other representing the worst thing people have said about them. Lana kicks out Madison and Kori for not really participating during the whole retreat. And finally it’s back to the palapa to find out who wins the money where, to everyone’s shock, they all win with the prize being divided evenly amongst them all.

Hosts: Michael Thieling, Kelsey Meyer, Jessie Zahner, and Toree Weaver

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