TRUE BEAUTY in Real Life… (IDOLS Edition) | 2020 | Part 2

thank you so much for the 14k people who supported my previous ‘true beauty’ video!

obviously, my taste has changed the past two weeks… lol feel free to comment your faves below. no fanwars please 🙂

credits to this site for guiding me with the characters’ profiles:

❣ D I S C L A I M E R ❣
this is a fanmade video.
i do not own the song nor the clips. i only own the editing. please do not redistribute my edits. thank you!

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23 thoughts on “TRUE BEAUTY in Real Life… (IDOLS Edition) | 2020 | Part 2

  1. If their was 'true beauty' movie teaser and Jisoo was their… I don't think my brain will stay on its place. ahhh!! My brain will explode of excitement!!!

  2. seojun: kwon hyunbin!

    it's not confirmed but a lot of korean fans voted for hyunbin to take that role as well (im korean too! hehe). The artist for the webtoon herself even said that she got inspiration from hyunbin for seojun's character! But regardless of who takes seojun's role, I believe they will do an awesome job!

  3. Ok but I think the author could be the main lead. First of all she strongly resembles the main lead and understands the character the best as she wrote the story. Also if you're wondering if she can act. Yes she can she was once an acting trainee

  4. I really hope Jisoo is Jugyeong most blinks already know that she’s a good actor. She’s been in many CFs.

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