We Ate Like The Longest Living People For A Week

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Healthy food selection
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Extreme close up Camera moves over a bowl of freshly made guacamole with tomatoes onion and cilantro.
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Pasta splashing in water
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Time lapse Homemade Chocolate chip cookies baking close up.
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Chef adds leafy greens to corn mix and flips skillet over burning stove top in restaurant kitchen
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Steps in making cooking a scrambled eggs colorful dish for breakfast.
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People get Mung Bean Pancake to put into own dish
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Red peppers on grill
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35 thoughts on “We Ate Like The Longest Living People For A Week

  1. This was a great video! I’m very interested in learning more about this because I feel like I’ve been an on again off again vegan mostly because I love fish and eggs, and I think this is such a great test run! Plus both these two were hilarious.

  2. This video idea is genious! I might have to try eating like the longest living people too to see what it does for my health

  3. Omg I didn't know I'm eating this exact diet until now. Gotta recommend it to everyone though. I have Hashimoto's and PCOS and it's all well. I also have been exceeding in my running and general training as of lately. Super happy with this diet 🙂

  4. this blue zone diet is really cool to hear about and that you guys are trying it out. I am For Earth Mermaid and i encourage people to consume less, live plastic free and help with this big clean up we have got to do by sending incentives to people in exchange for them picking up rubbish and posting a picture of themselves with the rubbish picked up to instagram with the hashtag #imaforearthmermaid. I noticed a lot of single use plastic being used in your video, im writing this message in the hope that in the future you will realise; 1. you are the age of people all over the world who are a part of this action, their is a climate emergency that is threatening the future of humanity, 2. that you influence a large amount of people, using sustainable alternatives to plastic and buying fresh produce from local markets would be a much more positive image for you guys and a much more appropriate way to influence your audience. WHY GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOUR BODY BY EATING HEALTHY IF YOU CANT ALSO CARE FOR THE EARTH IN WHICH YOU CAME FROM, BOTH ARE MORE THAN POSSIBLE>>>>

  5. When I see Aria's picture in the thumbnail I start laughing immediately, even prior to watching the video. Omg… he cracks me up.


  7. I misread the title and understood: we're esting the longest living people in the world…. and I had to reread it a couple of times before i read LIKE

  8. For those wanting to try a plant based diet, it becomes easier over time. In the beginning, you're learning a whole new way of life, you have to find tastes and recipes you enjoy so it can feel overwhelming, but I promise that once you've found your go to, normal dishes, it's not more difficult than any other dietary choice <3

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