What Shallon Lester Reveals about our Evil, Manipulative Society

Dating “Guru” & “psychologist” Shallon Lester makes videos gossiping on celebrities like Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber, while also making tutorials on how to cheat, abuse, and manipulate others. & it ain’t cool.

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50 thoughts on “What Shallon Lester Reveals about our Evil, Manipulative Society

  1. Literally just found your channel,and i just wanna say your look is dope as fuck. Very rave and cyber goth vibes. Pretty good vid too. Subbed:)

  2. I used to be a fan and subscriber of hers. I remember stumbling upon her channel during a relatively dark time in my life. Most of her videos (at the time) seemed to me like self help videos for women using celebrities as broad examples. The feeling of empowerment felt really good. But, then, I actually started paying attention to the things she was saying underneath the veil. Now I can see that her behavior (especially towards boyfriends/ex-boyfriends she mentions) is not "I can live my life with or without you, so I won't put up with being mistreated", but rather "I'm going to abuse you and make you feel bad for everything about yourself." She has a HUGE double standard when it comes to the sexes (likely as a way of justifying her own behavior to herself and her audience). When a man cheats, he is automatically awful scum, but when a woman cheats, it's somehow a badass power move. You can also clearly see this bias when she talks about celebrities she's a fan of doing actions she condemns other celebrities for. It's also almost laughable how incredibly misinformed she is about mental illness and treatment/treatment options for it. Also, while we never know what a celebrity's private life is like (Selena Gomez could be a drug addict and alcoholic; the public genuinely cannot know for sure), the way Shallon gossips about it as if it's not a serious issue that she's taking out of the sufferer's hands is just awful and really speaks to what a callous, cold, narcissistic person she is. Also, the intentional predation of younger men specifically to manipulate them is also disgusting.

  3. I respect you, Pierre
    But do not earn views of commenting
    Other process of healing.
    Respect 2you.
    Respect to Shallon.
    You are not a woman.
    So. Chill.
    You cannot know what she is going thru
    Shallon is in a PUBLIC healing process
    Have Mercy.
    We could disect You.
    But we will not.
    Everyone is manipulation master.
    Let's Face it.
    All of Us.
    Hurting and trying to get it. And be good. To All.

  4. Shallon is just explaining What Is.
    Shallon is in process of processing publicly her experience and healing process.
    Give, Shallon a break.
    No one is a lamb.
    It is a process, to heal yourself.

  5. Yes, people are manipulative
    …have you guys never heard of Robert Greene's books 48 laws of power, art of seduction, 50th law, 33 strategies of war…also machavellis The Prince….the art of war…these are all classics, and shallon is exposing these tactics but with celebrities…nothing new but Pierre using Shallon's name to milk more views to sustain his exotic life style, which is understandable.

  6. Shallon is a horrible evil person, makes me kinda ashamed to be the same gender yet alone species as her or people like her 😕😠

  7. Plus. What a genius idea – to put her ways to manipulate online. You can know if you're being manipulated too.
    This is genius. I'm gonna go get educated now

  8. Heeei. There's a good part. Huge good part!
    You can watch her material to see bad patterns in yourself that you're not aware of. That way you can raise awareness and stop yourself.
    Lots of us use manipulation without being concious.
    I thank you, Pierre, for showing her. I'm gonna go dig up shit about myself.

  9. I just don't understand what hurting other people does for her. How does it improve her life? I do what other people what I'd want for myself.

    The only good thing I can say about Shallon is that she is open about her tactics for negativity instead of hiding it.

  10. I used to like her content, but then she became obsessed with “destroying” celebrities, so I stopped watching her.
    I’m guessing because she was “praised” for being mean, she became more mean.
    I think I can manipulate people, but do I feel proud? No way, I recognize how shitty I can be. But she just don’t care or recognize it.
    When he talks about her ex, I kinda felt that she was the toxic one :/

  11. Actually I think I'll watch her vids just to hear here tactics of manipulation so I can learn to recognize them in action in my own life. Other narcissists would shut her up if they had brains but the goal of ALL narcissists is make us all as broken and insecure as they are.

  12. If it means you're strong because you're manipulating people to be with you … I'm going to say that I'm glad I'm "weak" and I don't want to be strong

  13. I saw some of her videos and felt "damn i wish i saw this 10 years ago…" that would have saved me a lot of time going out from a bad relationship. She was actually really helpful for me.
    i felt like i could watch the videos, ignor all the gossipy stuff and just take the lesson, because not everything that she says is aboutmanipulation and being evil. She actually has videos that i think do have a positive msg.
    Then, things got really wiered and i didn't felt 100% with her… Although hearing what she has to say about being evil is intersting and insightful, i would never do that but I'll be aware of it if someone will do that to me.
    Now i just stop watcing because it is very repeatative.

  14. I honestly can't think of one single positive thing to say about this thing…except maybe as an example of what not to be

  15. No, just no. I cannot believe people like her exist and has followers with the rubbish she spews. No one can condone abuse. Not even YouTubers who are so-called "Gurus", or "psychologists".

  16. Totally agree with the whole video and especially statements from min 12 on. Have been – and saw mental & emotional abuse since I was a little girl, narcissism in your family can really f u up and change your outlook of others/ the world. Chose someone who also became like that later on, cause hey that’s all you know – so why not. Took me 5 years out of 12 before the rose glasses came off and to be old enough to see all the games people can (willingly) play. Finally able to walk away from that. Rather be forever alone than used by others! Let a long become like them and using the example they gave as an excuse, hell no. I’ll battle my demons anytime, that’s real strength.

  17. Quite new on your channel, love your content! Deep. Really gets me through this lockdown better. I have to ask, is there a story behind the lemon? I need to know man 🍋

  18. It's actually a hard thing that our world is suffering from narcissism and is ruled by narcissists and sociopaths. However I should note that it is a defense mechanism without witch we would not survive in today's climate. People will emulate those with success and power and so we emulate the narcissistic behavior of whatever we saw winning. So it's hard. Bc if we are surrounded by narcissists it's hard not to have narcissistic traits as well.

  19. And I thought this type of people is like a secret soceity where they all know what and how are they doing these things, but the whole point is to keep their true identity and intention a secret from the other group of people so they will be oblivious.. and here is Shannon exposing all of them
    guess she's not an evil mastermind after all

  20. that's what I was thinking!!! She is doing actually the work for the good people!! because I can't think with a manipulative or abusive mind so it has always been a mystery to me but Shannon layed out the map to it and gave us all the tactics so now I will be aware whenever someone is use it on me!! Thank you Shannon ❤️

  21. Your oratory is superb man, I'm not a native english speaker and I'm learning a lot just by listening how you talk and the words you choose. And of course 100% agree on the subject, I hope this video makes her followers realize what are they doing by following and encouraging her.

  22. I have two medical professionals I work with for depression and transgender education in my case and I found that women are a deeper issue because of this very thing right here. I spent my life undercover and for a long time, I thought I "wanted" to be a man because I didn't want to associate with this gender. In strong Latin roots, my mother always expressed how men were the enemy because of bad relationships. There was no one to trust. It was not easy snapping out of that.

  23. That's your real voice? No computer enhancement? Why aren't you doing voice work for every recent commercial/film trailer? You've been blessed with golden vocal cords.

  24. Shallon is one of those people who has no shame, yet is PROUD of that. While the rest of us work to improve ourselves and not behave in embarrassing, reprehensible ways, Shallon EMBRACES that way of life and doesn't look back. I believe that, at this point, she's too far gone to redeem herself. We all make choices in life, and those choices reflect our character. Shallon has chosen to move through life with a total lack of morals and a non-existent conscience. She's dug her own grave.

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