Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic

hey y’all, in todays video I discuss the youtuber Shallon Lester and her problematic content that is extremely harmful to impressionable people & people’s mental health. I do so by explaining the shadey ways her channel has gained its success and by reacting to some of her shocking videos.

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41 thoughts on “Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic

  1. Ah, but I still love her. 🙂 She's super funny. Idk about her newest stuff, but her older stuff was awesome and hilarious.

  2. I am older than most of you and have to deal with all kinds of people. What she is saying— is what I would say because she is being very blunt about how we ourselves and others relate , denial to warning signs in relationships, and shady idiots. All very true. Granted , no one is perfect , but I enjoy her witty equations of how we can make really bad decisions that wreaks our lives. She makes me laugh. On the other hand, I am seeing what you have issue with. However, Megan is a nasty piece of work .

  3. I know that if Luke is ever on the receiving end of a hate train where fellow YTers in similar video genres post 30 minute long videos dissecting his content, he is so articulate and intelligent that he would address the situation well & with grace. Also, he is an attractive blonde man, so that would help. Idk, I didn't think this video was in good taste.

  4. I got very angry when she started talking about Harry’s sexuality. I love Harry. She over-sexualizes Harry and it pains me.

  5. Lol when she said “are you in the market for a pancreas?” You don’t need a pancreas to survive 😹

  6. She's like 40 and still using "I used to be an editor at Cosmo 12 years ago" at the parties she invites herself to. She's a mean girl!!! What the hell does she know about Selena Gomez or whether she talks to her friend who gave her the kidney. And prince Harry and Megan probably made the decision together to step away from the crown, Harry's mother Diana felt the same way about the royal duties, she didn't want to spend 12 hrs a day shaking hands and taking pictures, she wanted to live a fulfilling life with her family.

  7. i watched few of her videos for advice yeeeeaaars back, there was nothing like this "news-like videos". just a normal advice video honestly, and they really helped. thought she was like a big sister, but now .. . .. BIG SIKE

  8. she sounds like she wants to marry with the prince and be loyal so bad, and Megan steal the prince from her🤣🤣 so sad….

  9. Funny I have anxiety on and off depression and lymes disease and I have two kids and had zero issues having him. Man she really nails it on the head doesn’t she

  10. So ina video about pete she said he was lieing cause he said be didnt take his own life because he didnt want to leave his family in mt frist year of high school i felt the same i was so low but thinking about my family stopped me ugh i hate herr

  11. Lmao. I rolled my eyes so hard when she was like “psychopaths love animals.” It’s literally the opposite. One of the first signs of someone who has ASPD (antisocial personality disorder) is the killing of animals during childhood. Also, Hitler was never diagnosed with ASPD, but it was likely he was a sufferer, but also could have had Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder. Does that make it fair to compare anyone with these mental illnesses to Hitler? No.

  12. It's not an age thing…I'm 68yrs on this roller coaster ride…she is a vicious predator.. sadly her behavior, values?? Are totally acceptable , common these days… time to get up . wake up . and stand for something

  13. I cringe whenever someone says “I’m fascinated by sociopaths.” Like… grow tf up and get a real hobby. You can say you’re fascinated by cinematography, or fashion history, or even true crime, but someone’s disorder? People with mental health issues aren’t bugs for you to study. As someone who has a real disorder, I hate idiots who tell me they’re sO into psychology— not because it’s their chosen field, or they know someone who struggles, but just because it’s a fun party trick to diagnose people they don’t like with NPD. It’s all fun and games to them because they watched a Ted Bundy documentary once. They don’t know what it’s actually like.

  14. thanks 4 making this video bcs I watched like 2 of her videos n was like abt to subscribe to her n find her channel omg thank u !!!

  15. shallon: talks about meghan 'seducing' harry

    me, obsessed with anne boleyn: same shit different century

  16. She is just a sad women getting older and less recognized grasping at straws to keep herself in the public eye. She is boring and a sad women. Gives the rest of us a bad name. Wast of women power

  17. I have never heard about this woman in my life, but watching this video made me cry for any young person out there struggling with any form of mental health. Implying that abusive/narcissistic parents is the leading cause to BPD and mental illnesses in general – excuse? It's like she just read the first page of dummies guide to freud and just absolutely went with it. I know it's different, but I suffer from OCD and came from such a healthy and loving household with amazing parents. If I had watched her video years ago, I just know she would of sent me on such a intrusive spiral that could of lead to who knows what. My heart breaks for any young person watching her content. No one should be allowed to spread such harmful information on something they know absolutely nothing about. It's practically criminal. Thank you so much for bringing light to every reason why people should not be backing this woman – and more importantly, why youtube should not be montising and supporting content like hers.

  18. Wow I Really Love your Channel I just cleaned my whole room while watching your videos!!❤️❤️ keep on going! Notifications ONNN BISH

  19. Wow I Really Love your Channel I just cleaned my whole room while watching your videos!!❤️❤️ keep on going! Notifications ONNN BISH

  20. I’ve only seen two videos of hers because my friend likes her but even from those two videos she rubbed me the wrong way

  21. Hello from Montana! Watching this because I have no idea who this woman is and the internet keeps telling me that she just moved to Montana. I am kind of scared for our men. For reasons that I don't think she can understand, men in Montana have an unnaturally high rate of suicide. Wishing on every star in the sky she doesn't damage our men. BTW, I don't know what you do to your skin, but it looks fabulous!

  22. I’ve finished my degree in Criminology and Psychology and during uni, I was NEVER allowed to assume anything about a person when I would be working on a case in a seminar or during a lecture, without having my opinion based on research. No documentation, no real opinion due to the fact that psychology is relatively a new science and most people still don’t understand it and mock it when in reality it should be taken more seriously. Anyway, this woman is just spreading sooo much misinformation that I cannot believe youtube is allowing it. Like how can you be so ignorant and still have a voice within the youtube community, a public to speak to and revenue from it???? I am so mad right now….

  23. Thank you for making this. I have bipolar disorder, my sister has borderline personality disorder, both of us have suicide attempts under our belts. I also am a TA for a Sociology of Mental illness class in college. Rhetoric like hers is so toxic. We have to deal with mental illness, and we have to deal with a world that stigmatized our mental illness. It is really great to see someone stick up for us so thank you.

  24. A love for animals is the exact opposite "sign" of a "psychopath" they have a history of torturing animals not loving them.

  25. This woman is A PSYCHOPATH. Based on her own advice on people that are that. LIARS are the most weird people on planet earth and just PLAIN DANGEROUS. They lie until they believe their lies. Ask trump!

  26. Everything she is doing is projection so she is essentially talking about herself 🤷‍♀️ She probably has these disorders she ignorantly talks about to down play them.

  27. 13:17
    U make me feel a little SAFE towands my career (which has got things to do with fame)

    May Allah bless y'all

  28. The difference between a channel like Shallon's and Cody Ko is she believes what she says. Cody Ko makes jokes.

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