Your Personal "Blue Zone" | Nick Buettner | TEDxFridley

Quick—how many 100-year-olds do you know? Not many? In communities around the world, people are living longer than everybody else. If we mimic their lifestyle can we live longer ourselves?

Nick is committed to informing, inspiring and connecting people and ideas. He’s traveled the planet, visiting geographic Blue Zones—areas where more people reach age 100 than anywhere else. As part of the Blue Zones team, Nick leads the development and implementation of the Blue Zones Project, taking the lessons of the worlds longest-lived, and applying them to 27 communities nation wide.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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15 thoughts on “Your Personal "Blue Zone" | Nick Buettner | TEDxFridley

  1. Documental dominion. Es triste que se financien esas atrocidades sin necesidad. Hay muchos vegetarianos en Loma Linda, he subido testimonios de vegetarianos centenarios en mi canal

  2. ALL blue zones are by volcanoes, the rather large obvious answer is sulfur. eat your veggies stay off sugar carbs and consume MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and live healthily to 100!

  3. When he speaks of Africa: hiv and malnutrition.. That’s rude and not reflecting reality..
    Africa is quite a happy and healthy place to live.. Full of organic, whole, un processed and cheap foods

  4. He didn't mention that the Seventh Day Adventists (the Loma Linda Blue Zone) are taught by their religion to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. The slide that showed "the Blue Zone Diet" showed a typical diet of all the Blue Zones, but one Blue Zone cuts out meat and/ or animal products. The other Blue Zones eat meat as a small percent of their diet, which he did mention.

  5. An idea who's time has really come. With soaring drug and medical prices and obesity and more so rampant, the blue zones offers a way out. Bravo.

  6. I noticed the blue zones are situated on a similar latitude which affords them a better climate with plenty of sunshine, which I presume would help them to live longer.

  7. I want to make our town a "blue zone." I live in Butler, PA, and I believe it could happen here! Suggestions on how to get started?

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